How My Bipolar Ratings Work

You may have noticed in my status updates, I rate my current bipolar condition based on various celebrities. I try to stick with people who are actually bipolar, but I wasn’t able to come up with a good, actually bipolar person for my manic description. The descriptors are the following:

  • Brian Wilson: lead singer of The Beach Boys, famously spent three years in bed. At the time, he had severe bipolar depression. This rating is used to describe when I am depressive.
  • Late 2000’s – now Carrie Fisher: Generally known for her role as Princess Leia in Star Wars, she previously struggled managing her cycling, but since 2008-ish she’s been managing it successfully. This rating is used to describe when the bipolar is well-managed and I get to feel like my factory settings are like everyone else’s.
  • Jim Carrey: current actor who often plays the personification of mania as a lot of people experience it (e.g. when he was playing the scheming Grinch in When The Grinch Stole Christmas). Johnny Depp was also considered for this scale, but I thought Carrey fit it better. This rating is used to describe when I’m manic.